Energy Contractor Services will help you with all the requirements of ISNetworld, Veriforce, Avetta and can improve your TRIR.

If you are opening a new account with ISNetworld, Veriforce or Avetta, we will get you up and running with a quick turnaround.

Or, if you already have an account, we can maintain it, improve it and offer customized service to keep you 100% compliant.

No contract to sign. We work for you on a month to month basis. Cancel at any time.

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Total Recordable Incident Rate / TRIR

The TRIR is a commonly used lagging indicator that will quantify a company’s safety performance. It does not matter how many employees there are, only the number of recordable injuries and the total amount of hours worked.  It is important to gather all hours related to your companies operations and verify that recordable injuries are actually recordable. Call 405 408 1117 with any questions.

TRIR = (# of Recordable Injuries * 200,000) / # hours worked

The lower the number – the better.

For example:

If your company has 4 recordable injuries over three months and there were a total of 262,748 hours worked, then the TRIR is:

TRIR = (4*200,000) / 262,748 = 3.04 or

TRIR = (4 x 200,000) divided by 262,748 = 3.04

As the hours worked increase without any more recordables, the TRIR improves – goes down.


Onsite, Online, Consultant, Career Tech, Tailgate or Classroom. Companies have choices when it comes to training.   We can help you find the best solution.   Call or email us today.

Injury Rates & Work Comp Insurance

TRIR, DART and EMR. Need help reducing your numbers or rates?

We can help lower injury and accident rates and save you money on Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Don’t let a number keep you from working.

ISNetworld Services

ISNetworld, Veriforce and Avetta are online contractor management databases that collect health, safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information designed to meet government record keeping and Owner /  Client requirements.  Contractors also use ISNetworld, Veriforce or Avetta to manage internal training and record keeping requirements.

Anywhere you work, we can help.

Energy Contractor Services will work with you to obtain the highest rating possible within ISNetworld, Veriforce or Avetta. We will help you get acceptance and approval by providing:

  • Assistance completing the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ™)
  • Safety Programs that meet the ISNetworld, Veriforce or Avetta Review
  • Required safety training for OSHA, ISNetworld®, Veriforce or Avetta
  • Review and submission of OSHA 300 Logs, EMR certificates and insurance documentation

In some instances, your existing customers will require registering with ISNetworld, Veriforce or Avetta as a condition of providing services to them. Energy Contractor Services can:

  • Help set up your Training Programs for T-RAVS™
  • Assist in compiling your Questionnaire data and complete it
  • Monitor your account for new or updated requirements
  • Take the time to help you with most anything safety and TRIR related


“ECS helps me with our safety training and keeping our ISNetworld scores high. It helps to get things done.”

Milt Chappel, Dustin Donley Construction Services LLC