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ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta provide an online contractor management database that collects health, safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information designed to meet Owner Client requirements. Through its Review and Verification Services (RAVS®), ISNetworld® subject matter experts review and verify contractors’ self-reported information. Contractors also use ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta to manage internal training and record keeping requirements.

Ensuring conformance and maintaining up-to-date information is essential in ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta. ECS helps with your Owner Client’s reporting requirements.

  • Marketing and exposure to new Owner Clients
  • Efficient and standardized way to meet Owner Client requirements
  • Improve internal safety and information systems
  • Written safety programs audited by safety professionals
  • Ability to track individual training and qualifications

We will work with your company to obtain the highest rating possible with the requirements of ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta. We can also help you implement your safety programs for real results and incident reduction.

And unlike some other service providers – we won’t spend any of your time trying to sell you things you don’t need.

ECS will help you to obtain acceptance and approval by providing:

  • Partial or 100% assistance with your general Management System Questionnaire (MSQ™)
  • Safety Programs that meet the ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta Review and Verification System standards
  • Required safety training
  • Review and submission of OSHA 300 Logs, EMR / EMOD certificates and insurance documentation

In some instances, your existing clients will require registering with ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta as a condition of providing services to them. Other times, you may want to be proactive in registering with these services in order to obtain business and market your services with ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta. In either case, it can be an intimidating and overwhelming process to answer hundreds of questions, provide safety programs that meet standards and comply with the document submission requirements.

  • Post all of your personnel and company data into ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta
  • Create safety programs to meet ISNetworld®, Veriforce and Avetta standards
  • Help set up your In-House Training Programs for T-RAVS™
  • Help in compiling your Questionnaire data
  • Order your first Operator Qualification (OQ) Reports on your assigned employees
  • Set up automatic OQ Reports
  • Monitor your site in the future for new or updated requirements

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If you are opening a new account with ISNetworld®, Veriforce or Avetta, we will get you up and running with a quick turnaround.

Or, if you already have an account, we can maintain it, improve it and offer customized service to keep you 100% compliant.

No contract to sign. We work for you on a month to month basis. Cancel at any time.